Welcome to the 2016-2017 Racing Season!!!!!

posted Sep 6, 2016, 7:28 AM by Paul Shoemaker   [ updated Oct 27, 2016, 4:55 AM ]
Hello Student Racers and welcome to the Racing to the Future™ 2016-2017 racing season!  First off, I would like to thank everyone that was keeping me in their thoughts and prayers earlier this year.  I am doing well and fully on the road to being back 100%.  That said, I also want to thank the Racing to the Future™ Team for stepping up and going above and beyond to get the Kentucky STLP Championship races taken care of and keeping the event going in my absence.

2016-2017 will bring some major changes to Racing to the Future™.  The event has experienced so much growth and continues to see more schools interested in joining in on all the fun, that we are going to change the format of the Championship event in order to allow more Student Racers to participate.  In order to do all of this, Racing to the Future™ has purchased a new race management system called Trackmate.  This is the state of the art staging and timing system.  We have also upgraded the sensors in the track, the tables and lighting systems to improve the performance of the race management system.  Student Racers will now be identified by name on the race board/computer screens and the display also shows the time, speed (in actual MPH) and the gap between the winner and loser.  This will help Student Racers tune and improve their cars. The new system also keeps the winner displayed until the race official resets the system for the next race.  So everyone will be able to see the results easier.  We are also teaming up with Challonge™ website to manage the brackets and post the progress of the events.  That said, let's get to the other changes in the program:

The "Round Robin" method of racing we have used for the last 3 years will be retired.  In order to allow more Student Racers to participate we will adopt a "Double Elimination Bracket" that will be managed by the Challonge™ website.  The Challonge™ system will automatically build the brackets, set "byes" and allow us to record the race results and times from the race passes.  One note, and we will list this in the rulebook, the Challonge™ site does not allow for decimals in the time recording.  So the times listed will be without the decimal in place.  So it may look a little confusing at first.  We will post examples of the new brackets here at the Racing to the Future™ website in the next few weeks so everyone can get familiar with them.  Also, the Challonge™ website is free to use and we recommend the school's racing programs use the site for their own races.  It can be found here:
http://challonge.com/.  Other changes for the STLP State Championship races will include a new qualifying session after you get your car inspected.  Each Student Racer will make a pass on the track after inspection.  The time recorded from that pass will help set the brackets up and allow for any "byes" if required. We will post more details about this new qualifying process here at the Racing to the Future™ website and in the new rulebook in the coming weeks.

There are lots of new things to check out and we will be posting pictures of the changes to the track.  After the 2016 Championships we were told Student Racers could not see the cars when they were sitting.  The new walls were too high.  The wall height has been lowered, along with some other changes.  The new track now has a "Wall of Champions".  The winners from every racing event from 2010 through 2016 have been added to the wall that makes up the track.  We will add new winners each year as we go.  We also have our Racing to the Future™ logo running down the wall so you can find us at other events easier. 

KY STLP Fall Regional Events are coming up!  Racing to the Future™ will be at all of these, so meet us there and check out the program.

November 3, 2016.........Murray State University........................Curris Center
November 10, 2016.......University of Kentucky.........................Location To Be Announced
November 14, 2016.......Northern Kentucky University...............Student Activities Center
November 17, 2016.......Morehead State University....................Location To Be Announced
November 29, 2016.......University of Louisville.........................Student Activities Center
December 5, 2016.........The Center Rural Development.............Somerset, KY
December 8, 2016..........Eastern Kentucky Exposition Center....Pikeville, KY
December 12, 2016........Western Kentucky University................Diddle Arena