Racing to the Future™ - New Track For The STLP State Championships - Viper Scale Racing

posted Oct 13, 2015, 10:24 AM by Paul Shoemaker
Announcement - October 13,2015

Racing to the Future™ will be upgrading our drag strip for the 2016 STLP State Championships.  Working with Viper Scale Racing, we will be using a solid PVC, commercial grade drag strip in the championship events.  Below are some of the preview pictures of the new track, the CNC router system that will be manufacturing the pieces and a quick video of one of the sections being cut out.

Here's the CNC program showing the cutout pattern.

Here's the CNC router starting the cutout.

Here are the sections cut from the solid PVC.

Viper Scale Racing - Track for Racing to the Future™

Here's a short video of a track section being cutout.