Kentucky STLP 2016 Rule Changes - VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!

posted Sep 16, 2015, 7:47 AM by Paul Shoemaker   [ updated Oct 8, 2015, 7:30 AM ]

Kentucky STLP 2016 Rule Changes - VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!

Welcome STLP Race Fans!  We have some announcements concerning Racing to the Future™ and the STLP State Competition for Spring of 2016.


First, we will be expanding the number of entries per school, from 2 to 4 student racers.  We have been asked since the second year of the event, if it would be possible to get more students involved.  With our process now in place, we can expand the number of racers and still meet the time limitations at the state event.

So get ready to increase your garage and pit space, every school can now have 4 students enter the STLP State Event for Racing to the Future™!


Rule Change!

We have been approached by teachers, parents and students, concerned over the possible escalation of building costs of the cars in order to remain competitive.  So with that in mind we are setting a limit on the armature rating of the car.  The armature CANNOT have an ohm reading any lower that 5.8 Ohms per pole.  This rating covers all factory stock armatures in the cars listed in “Chassis Permitted” section of the Racing to the Future™ Rulebook.  Instructions on how to measure that reading will be posted on the Racing to the Future website (See Link Below).

All cars entered in the STLP State Event will have the armatures measured during the sign-in and technical inspection phase of the event.  We will have a device to measure the ohm rating with the car still assembled. If the car fails to measure 5.8 Ohms of higher, it will not be allowed to enter the event.  Motors can still be balanced, trued and some customization of the armature can be done within the 5.8-Ohm limit.  Please see the 2016 Rulebook and the Parts Guidelline for more details.


We will have a complete list of parts common to all slot cars, that may be changed or altered, along with some examples.  That list will be part of the new rulebook.  The new rules and parts list guide are posted on the Racing to the Future™ website at the links below.  They are still listed as “Draft” versions, but will give you an idea of the changes.  The drafts will be finalized before the start of STLP Regional Qualifying Events this Fall.

2016 Racing to the Future - Rulebook

2016 Racing to the Future -  Parts Guideline and Modification Guide

2016 "How-To" Article - Understanding the New Armature Rules and How to Test Your Armature