Racing to the Future Hall of Fame

The Racing to the Future Hall of Fame is a spot to remember all of the people, places, supporters and events that have become a part of the history of this program. So long as we remember those people and times that have come before us, they will always be with us and never forgotten.

Donnie Walker

Our first inductee to the Racing to the Future Hall of Fame is Donnie Walker.  Donnie was one of the three founding members of the Racing to the Future program in 2009. He became instrumental in the development and growth of the program, introducing slot car racing to students in Kentucky's Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP).  He created the software for our bracket system and also played the role of the "Quiz Master" asking questions and getting answers from students to earn race time in our recruiting program.  Starting in 2016's KY-STLP State Championship events, our first place awards for design and engineering of the student's slot car will be named "The Donnie Walker Engineering Award" in honor of his participation and support of the Racing to the Future program.

Donnie Walker at the 2014 KY-STLP State Championships

Donnie Walker being the "Quiz Master" at an STLP Regional Event.

AFX Racing - Steve Russell

Our second inductee is AFX Racing and Steve Russell.  Steve and AFX was our very first sponsor in 2009.  Steve provided our first prize packages and is still a key factor in helping keep Racing to the Future in the forefront of slot car programs, introducing this great hobby to student racers every year.

Steve's picture to follow.